The One with Unpacking Questions

The following questions and musings are coming to you from the Panera behind Toys-R-Us (weird location, right?)…

Should I call the maintenance people again and insist that they come in on their day off to fix our A/C immediately, or just wait until Monday morning?

Are there more giant bugs in our apartment?  (It was just the one last night, but if he has friends who are going to avenge his death, I need to be mentally prepared.)

Should I bother trying to plan dinners for the next few nights?

Where did I pack my stationary?

Should I go to the bank and get $30 in quarters every month for laundry purposes?  Or do you just scavenge for quarters as necessary?

Is the farmer’s market worth waking up at 7 AM on Sunday’s before church?  Or should I let go of that ideal and just stick to Whole Foods?

Why won’t google chrome do the shortcut copy/paste keys?

Does the bisquick go on the baking shelf or dinner food shelf?

What’s the best non-offensive scent of air freshener?  Is there a universally pleasing smell?  Is it bacon?

Will Des dump Chris and reunite with Brooks in a post-Bachelorette scandal? (That sort of what I’m rooting for.)

Should I rename this blog now that I don’t live in Virginia?  The title still holds true – Virginia is for lovers and newlyweds, but we live in Maryland now.  Blog names are funny things, and I have such idea-block when trying to think of a good new name.  Should I change the domain, too?  Can’t I just pretend we still live in small-town Charlottesville for a little while?

Will the asymmetry in this necklace drive me crazy in a good way or bad?

When did H&M have a home line and where can I find it in stores?  And also, how can I justify ordering this tea towelthis basket, and this cushion cover immediately?

When did wallpaper become this cute, and why don’t I have an unlimited budget for this sort of thing?

Could I get away with this DIY wall instead?

Why the *profane word* isn’t there a Bodo’s Bagels here?


4 thoughts on “The One with Unpacking Questions

  1. I love that I can pick out where most of your sink area things came from.

    You’ll go nuts if you don’t go to the farmer’s market at least once a month. There is no shame in having fake succulents. Go to bath & body works and get some sweet pea and white barn refresh no. 2 wallflowers. And yes, you need (not want) all three of those H&M things. Cute and budget-friendly, and you need new trinkets to celebrate the newness of the new place.

  2. Snaps for air conditioning! Good call.
    Bisquick goes on the baking shelf, duh!
    Okay, if you had smelled the bacon flavored candle at Yankee Candle you would know it is the MOST offensive smell in the world. I’m with Amanda on the refresh scent.
    Brooks lost his chance! I LOVE Chris. He is the right one for her.
    The asymmetry in that necklace will make you insane! DON’T do it!
    Can’t wait to visualize your nest first hand.

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