The One after a Hunt

Perhaps the most tedious type of hunting is for apartments.

They’re a shy creature, full of hidden fees and deceptive photos. And it’s a darn shame that the general population doesn’t have the same standards of cleanliness that I was raised with.

But we did it! We sort of not officially have a place to live in five days, pending an offer letter and social security card copies. Which is progress, people! A great location, enough space, and rent that’s not too obscene. For a minute there it looked bleak, but zillow pulled through for us.


And the tall husband? He was a true champ yesterday while we visited place after place – on his birthday. We’re sort of celebrating this weekend, and by celebrating I mean that he will be eating his favorite banana pudding, playing frisbee and basketball and video games while I do most of the packing. It’s the least I could do, since I didn’t get to be birthday-celebrating Kaitlin yesterday. Stressed-out Kaitlin with the eye twitch isn’t quite as fun on your twenty-third birthday. I’m not inviting her to mine.


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