The One with an Anniversary

We are one-year-anniversary veterans now!

I’ve gotta say, it feels pretty darn good. And I think we did it up right. Saturday morning, we hit up the Cville City Market for some fresh lemmy-aid, then hit highway 64 to Lexington, Virginia. We explored the adorable downtown, visited a vineyard, had some delicious local grub, and stayed at the cutest bed and breakfast this side of anywhere. After sleeping in on Sunday, we took the Blue Ridge Parkway back to Charlottesville, where we were perfectly lazy for the rest of the afternoon. And what better way to finish our actual anniversary than to play hooky on Monday? We made a nice breakfast, ran errands, and went to a matinee, followed with a nice dinner at The Local. It was pretty close to a perfect reflection of our first year of marriage – lots of driving, getting lost, Netflix, local charms, and simply enjoying being together.

And pictures! Shoot, we are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country. There’s definitely something in these hills.

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