The One at Ikea

I love Ikea unapologetically.  Everything about it is Scandinavian and wonderful.  When I first came home after my semester in Denmark, I would go to Ikea Charlotte and wander around for hours, trying to soak up the Scandinavian-ness.  9 out of 10 new furnishings in our apartment are from Ikea (although now that I’m thinking about it, I’m not too sure we even have 10 new furnishings..?).

Joe had a job interview in Baltimore yesterday, and I jumped at the chance to spend an afternoon in Ikea.  Off we went, and I putzed around Ikea Baltimore for a solid two hours, looking for inspiration and daydreaming.  I am completely certain that I could be happy in a home entirely furnished by Ikea, really and truly.

Here’s some of my inspiration from yesterday, to be seen soon in my dream home.

Blog 711 bLet’s start with kitchens, since that’s the most important.  Storage is key, and workspace that doesn’t involve a cabinet in my face is important, too.  This kitchen has a decent layout, but holy guacamole, that island is way too huge.  Benefit to Ikea kitchens – the storage is amazing. If only my pantry could be that easily organized…

Blog 711 cPoint #2 about kitchens – the cabinets and countertops.  I’m a monochromatic girl, and I have a total thing for white cabinetry (plus some open shelving) and would love to get my hands on a huge old slab of carrera marble.  And, man oh man, I am drooling over that giant farm sink.

Blog 711 aMoving into the main living space – I love open concept floorplans, with dining right off the kitchen and a nice open family room.  The above colors are a little dark, but I really like the layout and arrangement of furniture.  That couch might end up in my living room sometime soon.

Blog 711 dThe dining table above is giant and awesome – I love that it seats up to 10, and mixing chair type is genius.  It comes in a lighter graywash sort of color, which I’d go for.  The above bedroom is our actual bedroom furniture, the Hemnes series, which we are huge fans of.  I like the ottomans by the footboard, but that’s where Joe’s shoes usually live.  The bathroom situation doesn’t look like much, but the storage is endless, just trust me on this one.  I also like the open shelves in the bathroom, although that would require super neat folding skills, which aren’t one of my strong suits.

Blog 711 eAnother glorious thing about Ikea – the textiles.  Say what you will, but as long as it’s 100% cotton, it’s good for me.  If you’ve never slept on Egyptian cotton, you probably won’t know what you’re missing.  I love the patterns, and that all of the towels have loops (towels hanging on hooks dry faster than folded towels on a rod – true story).  Also – Ikea has some really great cowhide.  I would like an extra large cowhide, STAT.

Blog 711 fLast but not least, the decorative accessories.  The Swedish alphabet poster would be so great in a hallway, the ceramic pitcher would be an adorable utensil crock, and I would like 500 of the tealight lanterns.  I decided to spare the lovely succulents and let them grow freely in their native Ikea, rather than taking them home and sending them to a watery grave.

So there’s all of my Scandinavian inspiration for you.  Although, to be truly Scandinavian, you would throw out anything you don’t use daily, and replace existing devices with one that serves multiple purposes.  Less is more, more is a crime, and black is always the new black.


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