The One After a Week in Florida

This post could also be title “The One Where I Was About to Go On a Walk but Did Not Realize it Was Pouring Down Rain So I Decided to Blog Instead”.  And also, which tiny words should I capitalize?   It’s a little inconsistent around here, but that might just be an undercurrent in my life.

So my generous in-laws hosted us for a week in the Florida Keys!  And it was wonderful and relaxing and totally what Joe and I needed.  Vacations with the Bailey family are quite different than what I’m used to, and shoot!  I’m sort of exhausted with all of the activity we jam-packed into that rainy week in Marathon (on Marathon?  in Marathon?  at Marathon?  It’s an island, so I’m not sure what to do here.  Maybe that’s from learning Danish? i Marathon?  på Marathon?  Goodness, language is confusing).  We had lots of aquatic adventures, visited some picturesque beaches, and downed quite a few beergaritas (recipe here).  Joe and I had a blast, really and truly, and it was so nice to escape from Charlottesville and job hunting for a while.  It was also nice to have some down time with the family, and I tried to get some one-on-one time with each of them, because learning about people is cool, and one-on-ones are my jam.

Speaking of jam, I read Bread & Wine cover-to-cover, loved it, and am trying out a couple of the recipes this week.  The easiest thing in there – homemade vinaigrette – I already screwed up with honey-mustard instead of dijon, like a dolt.  C’est la vie.  It’s still pretty good.

And photos!  I took a couple hundred photos, and of course pared it down to seventy or so?  Worth noting – iPhone cameras take surprisingly great fireworks shots.  Who knew?  I’ve also decided that I want a twin version of myself to take all of the photos, so that I can be in more of them.  I’m obsessed with some of these family shots, because candids really are the greatest, but shoot, I wish I could’ve been in some of them!


This.  Family photo magic, no?  I mean, if you were motivated enough to crop out the big sign and trash can.DSCN5863And the 6.8 Mile Bridge.DSCN5898I feel like our most normal-looking photos are ones where I am standing one something, so I’m not quite as obviously an entire foot shorter than Joe.DSCN5919This diva-bird was totally posing for me.DSCN5940I love this shot, too.  The colors, the gray sky.  A family of nice backsides.DSCN5959Our daily view from the house, complete with kayaks that accidentally floated away during dinner one night and a rickety old dock.DSCN6024This is about 100 yards from shore, playing poleish in about a foot of water.  That’s my kind of beach.DSCN6108Say what you will about Key West’s general trashiness, but I liked it.  I almost melted, but it was a cute little place.

No skin cells were damaged in the making of this vacation, thanks to layers of SPF and my newfound love for hats.  Long live the floppy beach hat.


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