The One for Dad


Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful dad!

My dad has always been a hero, saving the day, always fearless. When I was a child, I was fortunate enough to see him graduate with his MBA. I got this mixed up with the NBA, plus he had the cool ring and we had a basketball goal in our driveway. So naturally, I told everyone that my dad played professional basketball, probably for the Hornets, since we lived so close.

I found out later that he wasn’t in the NBA, but I still thought he was the coolest. When I think about how much he sacrificed for John and I, it makes him a bigger hero than any basketball player. He always told us how much he loved us, and always supported us and listened to us. I was a pretty chatty kid, and he would sit patiently and listen to all the details of my day. On a drive back from Kentucky one time, we didn’t listen to music at all for the entire eight hour drive. We talked, sang, and laughed the whole way home.

I’m so thankful for you, Dad. You’ll always be my hero.



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