The One in Boston

Boston is now officially on my top five list of American cities.  It’s darn adorable.  We sort of fell in love, Boston and me.

Last Friday, Megs picked me up in Charlottesville, and we (slowly) made our way to Baltimore to meet up with Lisa for dinner.  It was so great to catch up with old friends.  From there, Megan and I drove to New Jersey to stay with my in-laws.  We woke up early Saturday for a day in NYC, complete with a trip to Shake Shack and the Newsies!  Sunday we breezed through some outlets in NJ, then slowly made our way to South Hamilton, stopping for a milkshake in New Haven and dinner in Providence.  We spent all day Monday exploring Boston, starting with the Boston Tea Party Museum, then the Freedom Trail, then an afternoon filled with cupcakes, shopping, and plenty of walking.  Boston is a really walkable city, and Megan and I both fell in love.  The perfect weather didn’t hurt either.  Tuesday we toured the Gordon-Conwell campus, and some old Wofford friends showed us the South Hamilton area and hosted us for dinner (and celebrated their 2nd anniversary!).  Wednesday we drove back to Charlottesville, where Joe welcomed us with a fresh pizza pie!


With all of my recent travels, I’ve perfected my packing skills- there was only one shirt that I did not end up wearingIMG_0916Megan and I won our Newsies tickets in the lottery (they hold one two hours before each show, there are several winners and you can buy up to two tickets for 30 bucks each – an awesome deal!)Blog 513 aMegan, Denise and I hit up the Shake Shack for lunch in the city – one of my favorites – before Megs and I caught the show (can you tell Megan was excited?)We had some amazing views of the NYC skyline as we drove away on Sunday, complete with a gorgeous rainbow that followed us for a few milesIMG_1001A panorama view of Boston – aren’t the streets the cutest?IMG_1003The running store right outside of the Boston Marathon finish line, and across the street from the memorialsBlog 513 cCupcakes.  Need I say more?IMG_1008

The end!


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