The One Before a Road Trip

So today is the birthday of one of my very best friends, a certain Megan Ruth Lyons!  Happy birthday, dear one!

To celebrate this lovely lady, and to help aid in her pursuit of higher education at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, we are taking a road trip to Boston this week!  On our way up, we are stopping to have lunch with a friend in Baltimore (Lisa – can’t wait to see you and get some hugs!) and stopping for two nights in New Jersey to visit my in-laws (mostly to take advantage of their extra beds, endless hospitality, and proximity to NYC).  We are hoping to catch a show on Saturday in the city – crossing our fingers for Newsies tickets.  Then we mosey up the coast to the Boston/Hamilton area for a couple of days touring the city and the campus.  We’ve been planning this trip for weeks, and skyped while we packed today.  It’s been a ton of fun already, and it’s just the beginning!  Stay tuned for tons of pictures (follow me on instagram if you want a play-by-play)!


Some of our road trip essentials:

an epic 14 hour playlist, composed by yours truly, from the Avett Brothers to Juanes to Ke$ha

these shorts, which I have dubbed “road trip shorts” because of their comfiness

homemade puppy chow (this recipe is a winner) – a little secret – I add mini chocolate chips before the last step, to give an extra burst of chocolate to the mix (you can thank me later)

trail mix from Trader Joe’s – there’s about a million kinds, I went for almonds, cashews, pistachios, chocolate chips, and dried cherries (plus Megs likes sunflower seeds)

shoes that can walk everywhere (studying abroad and walking commute this past year have made me realistic about shoes I can walk all day in – the answer is usually the same converse sneakers I’ve had since the 7th grade)

sugar lip balm – I’m addicted to this stuff, and the SPF helps with being out all day

GPS or smartphone.  We have both, plus printed directions if all technology fails (you know, zombie apocalypse) plus I have an atlas – don’t laugh, Rand McNally saved our behinds during the blizzard of 2009 when most interstates were closed.

a good attitude – we are driving through half of the major cities on the east coast on Memorial Day weekend.  That’s a little silly, and we will probably definitely hit traffic.


Oh yeah, I think I’ll go to Boston…


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