The One With A Master’s Degree

I am officially a graduate from the University of Virginia with a Master’s of the Arts degree!

Because I started grad school with the intent of completing five years and a PhD, I sort of felt like finishing one measly year wasn’t impressive.  But it turns out that having a master’s degree is worth celebrating, and I completed something even if I didn’t complete another.  So celebrate we did, with a few close friends in Fort Mill and a low country boil.

But enough about education – I got to see my Danish host family in New York City last weekend!  We had such a blast wandering and shopping our way through the city.  I missed their Danish chatter and my host sister Caroline – the girl is like my soul sister, we’re simpatico.  After a weekend in NYC, I went to Fort Mill for a little momma time, since we celebrated Mother’s Day from a distance.  And now I’m back in Charlottesville, filled to the brim with love from family and friends, and ready to tackle the rest of the summer, with it’s job searches and road trips.


Some things I learned (or re-learned) the past week

IPA stands for India Pale Ale (why I’ve never made this connection before is beyond me)

Danes don’t tip, so they have to learn how when in the US

Driving through fog on 64 in the Shenandoah is the vehicular equivalent of walking through the wardrobe of coats into Narnia

Short hair means bed head (having long hair for a while made me forget this)

Anthropologie has the best camisoles ever, and they’re reversible (here)

Williams-Sonoma has a waffle cone maker and you will need one after you smell them cooking in the store (here)


And some iPhone photos from the past week (mostly of food, because that’s aptly cliche).


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