The One for Momma

I’m on a train making my way back to Jersey from NYC, and as I look out onto the coast, the one thought that keeps coming to me is “I want my mommy”.

Because half of my host family is in the states this week (so much happiness) and momma bear is finishing up a conference in Minneapolis, I can’t be with my darling mother on her special day. And as much fun as I had with the Lund’s, I sure wish my mom could be with me too.

While traveling or shopping, more often than not, I am wishing for the company of my mom. Over the past few years we’ve become close friends and confidants, and hot dang, she’s the best shopper I know. The way our relationship has grown and changed over the last few years has been so good for us. There were growing pains, to be sure, but we are stronger for them. I don’t need my mom to wipe my nose anymore, I just want and need her by my side, as an essential part of my support system and as a friend.

And that’s just where we are now, don’t get me started on all of the sacrifices she made for John and I. She’s the greatest, she really is. I hope to be half the woman and mother she is someday.

I miss you mommy, and I’ll see you in a couple of days! (And IOU a heaping plate of French toast a la Corrigan’s)


Isn’t she a fox?


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