The One in May

Spring sort of snuck up on us, and then decided to hide.  It’s a rainy, Avett Brothers kind of day.  And it’s a dear friend’s birthday, so it has to be a coca-cola day (this chick has an unparalleled love for coke).

The past few weeks have crawled by, sort of uneventful, except when I really think about it, there’s been a lot of small triumphs to celebrate.  Joe has had a couple of job interviews, and it’s been fun for me to see him get excited about a job.  We paid off one of my student loans (the second smallest one, with one of the higher interest rates) and started our debt snowball.  Our emergency fund is complete for over four months of living expenses.  We’re getting better at living together, we argue less about silly things, which means either he has less clutter or I don’t notice it as much (it’s probably a combination of both, which is a good thing, I think).  I am just a hair shy of being done with my Master’s degree.  It sounds cooler than it is, actually.  Being a student is a natural extension of who I’ve become, and it’s no longer challenging or fulfilling, which is probably why I’m so impartial.  But all of these things are worth celebrating, even if they’re awfully responsible for a pair of twenty-two-year-olds.  It feels really good to have accomplished these things, but by the same token, I sort of wish we were a little more irresponsible, if only because it’s perfectly acceptable to be frivolous and selfish in your twenties.  But then I have a panic attack in the middle of the night at the suggestion of buying a house, and I remember that I’m not too grown up, and that my fight-or-flight syndrome will keep me from becoming too settled into adulthood for a while at least.

The most exciting part of May is this coming weekend, when Joe and I grab our bags and are headed north.  My Danish host family is coming to NYC for their holiday this year, and I am meeting them in the city to soak up every last second with them.  This family made my time in Denmark so wonderful.  They opened their home and hearts to me, and I am so grateful for their kindness.  I am specifically excited to see my host sister Caroline – she was my best friend while I was there and is one of the funniest people I know.  We used to stay up late to watch Friends, or meet in Copenhagen to go shopping after class, and she pulled quite a few pranks on me.  So watch out, NYC, the Lund’s are coming for you!


2 thoughts on “The One in May

  1. I definitely understand wishing you were a bit more irresponsible. My husband and I are entirely too responsible for our age. Sometimes I just want to go spend a bunch of money or leave work for a month long trip to Europe. But then Dave Ramsey pops into my head and I reluctantly plan our budget for the next month.

    However, it is nice when you have those little accomplishments like paying off a student loan! Congrats on that!

    • Thanks Taylor!! Wouldn’t it be nice to just take off for an exotic land? Or to drop that whole paycheck at Madewell? Hah. I actually keep our Financial Peace University book in my closet, so it stares at me the next time I look through my wardrobe and think/daydream about new things.

      With the extra dollars from paying off a loan (so what we would normally budget for that monthly payment) we are going to save for a trip. It’s kind of a win-win, but in a responsible way!

      And for the record, I love your blog and wish you would post more often! So get back on the horse, not to be too pushy, but a little pushy 😉

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