The One at The End

I just finished up my last graduate course at UVa.  I have totally mixed emotions about it all, but I mostly feel relieved.  Our time in Charlottesville is quickly approaching its end, and I feel good about that.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Charlottesville and it’s a really darling place.  But I don’t think I’ve been very good at being here.  What I really mean is that I love new places and people and things, I thrive off of the opportunity to do or see something new and exciting.  I’m fairly good at adjusting to my surroundings, at jumping in full force and becoming part of a community.  But I held back here, in Charlottesville.  I didn’t give it my best shot.  In my defense, I was newly married and a first year graduate student and there was a lot going on in my life.  But I could have tried harder to get to know this place and become a part of it.

Realizing my lack of zealousness here makes me eager to start somewhere new – a clean slate for the Bailey’s, where we can find a church and make friends outside of our respective jobs and really make a home together.  We didn’t quite make it that far with Charlottesville, and that’s okay.  Baby steps are important.

As I finish up my final two assignments, I am so excited to see where we go next (your guess is as good as mine).  We’re on the brink of something here, full of possibility, and that’s just where I like to be.

Cheers to the future, possibility, and opportunity.  And cheers to Charlottesville, with your quirky streets and beautiful mountains.  You’ve been good to us, and we will surely miss you.


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