The One This Week

This week.  It’s fairly awful.  And a reminder to us all that our so-called problems are insignificant in the face of death and destruction.

In the midst of the terror in Boston, Joe and I have continued living our silly little lives.  Silly because, well, we are, and little because we’re just beginning, you know?  We fill our days with work and laughter and food and running and Modern Family.

Blog 419 aWe spent last weekend eating pizza and sandwiches, and we went on a hunt throughout Charlottesville for black and white cookies, and found undoubtedly the largest black and white cookie in existence (after searching 3 stores, we finally discovered Foods of All Nations).  We loaded up on some Dr. Who, because it’s really so great, and because we’re pretty big nerds.

Blog 419 dOn Monday afternoon, I came home to a package from Madewell on my doorstep – much to my delight!  My generous and ever-so-lovely mommy sent me this jean jacket that I had tried on months ago.  You see, my mom has been wanting me to want a jean jacket for actual years.  For a really long time, I sort of hated any and every denim jacket.  I really thought they were dumb.  Turns out, I just hadn’t found the perfect one yet.  So when I finally admitted to liking/wanting my very own jean jacket, momma bear snapped it up for me.  I was in a procrastinating-type mood, so I tried on a bunch of different outfits with said jacket – something I don’t do often because 1) it gets messy for my closet and 2) Joe would judge me for doing so.  He wasn’t home, so I did the girly thing and had my own fashion show.  (Don’t worry – the denim on denim on denim look was just for funsies, I probably wouldn’t leave the house like that).

Blog 419 cTuesday was 5 cent per ounce day at Arch’s – a local frozen yogurt place.  So naturally, I kidnapped Joe on his lunch break and forced him on a fro-yo date.  He wasn’t too mad about it, and filled up his cup with a strange medley of toppings – gummy bears, sprinkles, cookie dough, and goodness knows what else.  He’s a strange duck, that one, but he’s mine.

Blog 419 bMy mom gave us a bird-feeder for Easter, and we have been waiting patiently for the birds to notice it for the past few weeks.  Joe even spread seed on the ledge so they’d know the feeder was there.  Not a single bird sighting until this fat cardinal showed up this week.  We were pretty darn excited (this is an old person thing, I think?).  I planned out the itinerary for Sarah and Chad’s visit this weekend, and decided my Archie Grand notebook is officially my doodle-planner.  Joe and I don’t run together that often, but on a trail run together this week, the light was absolutely beautiful.  All of the sudden, green is everywhere.  I didn’t notice until light was pouring through the trees, highlighting the baby green leaves.  It was sort of fairy-tale light.  I’m thankful for moments and memories like these.

This afternoon, my high school bestie and her beau are making their way to Charlottesville, for a weekend full of food and fun!  I am darn excited to see them, and I hope they wear their walking shoes, because I’ve got quite the weekend planned for them!


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