The One(Hundredth)

Quick sidebar – if you google/search-engine “one hundredth” (you know, to make sure you’ve spelled it correctly), the wikipedia result is the FRIENDS episode in which Phoebe has the triplets. Day made.

Friends! It’s my one hundredth blog post. Say what? That’s sort of crazy. I enjoy writing, and it’s fun to see how this little blog and I have grown during this new season of life. In honor of this mile-marker, I am going to start a new series (drumroll please…) of my week according to Jerry, my iPhone. Original, right? You’re probably thinking that if you follow me on instagram, you have already seen my weekly going-ons through the lens of my smartphone. You’d be wrong, friend. Since reading this article, I’ve started thinking twice about the image I am creating for myself, and if it’s an accurate depiction of my life (hint, it’s not).

This is a roundabout way of saying that this series is really to 1) encourage me to take more photos – almost everything about my life right now is temporary, and I want to document where I’m at right now, because it’s special and won’t happen again and 2) to hold myself accountable for my own image maintenance – what sort of self I’m projecting into cyberspace and 3) because photos of my daily life will prompt me to share more of that with you lovely readers.

Without further ado, The One(Hundredth)!

Blog 412 a The photo on the left is the outfit of a graduate student. Notice how my hair is quickly approaching hippie-hair status (I had this kind of hair throughout high school). The outfit on the right is a reflection of my occasional need to prove to myself that I can still assemble a proper outfit.Blog 412 bSince UVa’s parking ain’t free (insert bitter, entitled, Wofford attitude here), I park a mile and half from my office, and walk by this reflection pond, which is home to a really mean duck (I speed walk past him – I’m totally intimidated by this rude creature) and past these really lovely blooming trees. I really value my walking time, it reminds me of my commute to DIS from my host home.

Blog 412 cThis is date night at its finest – dinner at Noodles & Co (coupons, duh), playing around at Pier1 afterwards, only to end the evening with a giant bowl of banana pudding. When I came across this recipe, Joe demanded that I make it immediately, exclaiming “banana is my favorite kind of pudding!”. It was so adorable and funny that I made it for him, and he declared it the best he’s ever had. So if you’re a pudding lover, snatch up that recipe.

Blog 412 dHome Goods had their grand opening in Charlottesville, so naturally I went with a friend and waited in line at 7:45 AM. It was quite a crowd, a lot of people complimented my hat (it’s from Target and I get a compliment every single time I wear it – it’s a little strange, but hey, I’ll take it). Home Goods was a little overwhelming, and I have no real need for home goods at the moment, but I did find this really cute little succulent, and I couldn’t say no. I have a succulent problem.

Blog 412 eMy new iPad case came in the mail this week (I’m already obsessed with it and everything else from Pencil Shavings Studio), not to be outdone by a sweet little package from one of my dearest friends (and obvious Lilly Pulitzer enthusiast) who sent me this sassy little Archie Grand notebook. My nightstand has had an upgrade of cuteness this week.

Blog 412 fTo end the week, two of my best friends met for cocktails in Charlotte without me (insert broken, jealous heart here), and I wished my baby brother happy siblings day. He’s truly the best friend I’ve ever had, and he’s the darn cutest. Those cheeks!

That was a long one hundredth post, y’all! Thanks for sticking around, and for your continued support!


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