The One in April

The weather today.  Gosh, it’s a thing of beauty.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping it stays for a good long while.  You’re probably thinking, it’s April, you should just assume spring-like weather.  You’d be wrong.  It snowed one evening last week, and I had to bundle every morning.  For a mild winter, March sure was a lion.  Here’s to hoping that there are no sinus infections or snowstorms this month.

Easter weekend was positively lovely.  My mom, Johnny, and John came to stay, and we showed baby John the best of Charlottesville.  I think he’s a little smitten, based on reports from my parents.  When I look at Charlottesville with an unbiased view, who wouldn’t love this little gem of a town?  Between the history, architecture, restaurants, and scenery, there’s a whole lot to love.  As a place for our first year of marriage, it’s been kind to us.  I’m thankful for that.

I am also thankful for our family’s newest addition – Rayna Leigh Mosley was born March 28 to her wonderfully loving parents, my cousins Erin and Ronnie.  I cannot wait to meet her – I hear she has some killer dimples!

I’m thankful for a husband who loves me and cleans the bathroom before I take a bath, and who makes me popcorn (because our popcorn maker is awesome, but scary).

Mostly, I’m just glad it’s April.  March was cold and rude, but I have pretty high hopes for this month.  And for the sandals I just bought that I’ve been lusting over for months.


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