The One After Spring Break, But Before Spring

My week in South Carolina was much needed.

I ate, drank, shopped, and talked with some of my favorite people ever.  There’s nothing like catching up with old friends to make a girl feel better about life in general.  On Monday and Tuesday, Momma bear was able to play hooky from work (I mean, she scheduled time off, she’s not a delinquent like me, who skips class on the regular).  We stimulated the economy, a favorite pastime of ours, but more importantly, we got to talk each other’s ears off.  That’s our favorite.  She’s quickly becoming my main confidant, which is a new and exciting development in our relationship.  Later in the week, I made the cumbersome drive (it’s not really that bad, except that I hate it with a lot of fibers in my being) to Sparkle City, where I lunched with the loveliest of all little brothers, and was able to squeeze in some time with old pals.  Then, off to Greenville to catch up with Pearl.  There’s a new dude (and maybe a new city) in her life, and it’s all terribly exciting.

At the end of the week, I slowly but surely made my way back to the frigid mountains of the Shenandoah.  After an all-day Netflix binge with a sickly husband, I was pretty ready to start my week (and immense workload).  That is, until I woke up to snow on the ground.  Seriously?  I am actually sort of angry at the snow.  Where is spring?  I feel like the weather owes me some nice days.  There’s no reason for this sense of entitlement, except that I’m a South Carolina girl and I expect to be able to wear the cute dress I just bought the same month I purchased it.  You, know, in March.

Other than buckling down and getting coursework and research done, I’m a boring girl this week.  Joe and I are leaving Thursday after work to go to New Jersey to visit the in-laws!  I am pretty stoked for a weekend of basketball, family time, and NYC sights.

Some favorite finds this week:

Wright Plus Weekend 2013 – This day experience immediately went on my bucket list, maybe a Mother-Daughter date for next year?  The ticket price also includes a pass to the Robie House, about 20 miles away.

DIY Jute Wrapped Light – I want to try this with one of our living room lamps, I’ll keep you posted.

Shop BKR – My new favorite water bottle EVER.  I realized my favorite nalgene wasn’t BPA free (oops), so hubs got me this one in Betty for Valentine’s Day, and I don’t leave the house without it.  A percent of purchase price goes towards BKR’s efforts in the global water crisis (in case you like to justify purchases with philanthropy, like I do!).


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