The One with Snow

The Pigeon Hole, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Y’all.  Seriously.  The best grits I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of grits.

I kicked off my (last ever?) spring break with brunch with some girls from the office.  We feasted on grits, eggs, bacon, french toast, and mimosas.  The staff and atmosphere at the restaurant were so fun, it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.  Joe was a little upset that I had the audacity to eat bacon without him *gasp*, but was nice enough to go thrifting with me.  At least, we went to two thrift stores, found nothing, and then wandered around the downtown mall for a couple of hours.  I’ve got to say, this little gem of a city is sort of magical when the weather is nice.  It was sunny, almost 60 degrees, and my, oh my, it was glorious.  The mountains, the adorable downtown, the food.  The Bailey’s are warming up to this place.

Even though today was  a lamb, Tuesday night and Wednesday were all lion.  It snowed between 10 and 16 inches all around Charlottesville.  Our South-Carolinian-selves were giddy.  We built a giant snowman, and played for hours.  We also learned how boring it is to have no power.  And by the next day, it was sunny and clear, and today could be straight from springtime.  Here’s a little proof of the snow (besides the remaining enormous piles of snow around the city).

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