The One with Encouragement

So I was going to do a goals update post, except that its sort of boring to write/read about things like my hair growing or my retainer. So the high and low of my goals for February: running has become part of my routine, and I am really starting to like it. I will like it even more when the weather gets nicer and I don’t have to plan a run based on both my schedule and the weather, because seriously, this random rain has to stop. Low is I didn’t do yoga at all, or even think about it. Whoops. I stretched, but I don’t think that really counts.

And then the end of this week happened, and I am suddenly overwhelmed with pride. Not in myself or anything that I’ve done, but in my friends. They’re really the greatest, and to see how they’ve grown and how gracious they are, it does a girl proud to call them her pals. You see, I’m not a natural grace-giver. My first instinct is a need for justice. It takes me a hot minute or two to realize that every situation can be appropriately handled with grace. And then it takes another few minutes (or days) to think about what it means to be gracious in that particular situation, and I then act accordingly. But my friends, nope. They’re handed lemons or tough situations, and show beauty and grace so naturally, almost unconsciously. I love that about them, and hope that by surrounding myself with them, I will learn this.

I used to think a lot about the idea of beauty, what it means in society versus what it means in our souls. I used to think that beauty only came with age, and that because I was so young and had experienced so little, I hadn’t earned the wisdom that makes a person beautiful. While I still think that with age comes great wisdom and beauty, I have come to realize that the most beautiful quality is the ability to give grace. It’s one that my best friend has learned over the past few months, and I am suddenly overwhelmed by her beauty. It’s a quality that I hope to inherit also, not for my own vanity, but that it will shape the way I relate to others.


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