The One with Morals

Listening to the Les Miserables sound track on repeat all day will do strange things to your emotions – Moral one of this story.

Yesterday afternoon was a glorious thing.  I finished my work early, went to the grocery stores and went for a run.  Grocery stores is plural because I had to go to three of them.  This is the second time in two weeks that I have had to go to three different grocery stores to accomodate my list.  This seems excessive, and I don’t love it.  This week, I started at Trader Joe’s, knowing that I needed a couple of processed food items that they likely wouldn’t have.  So after I stocked up on produce and dry goods, I drove across the street to Kroger, which had only half of the four leftover things I needed.  So I drove through rush hour traffic to Harris Teeter, where I was able to complete my shopping.  Moral two of this story is, grocery shopping after work sucks.  And the Kroger on Hydraulic Road is not well stocked.

But the run, oh, the run, totally made up for the grocery shopping frustrations.  It was sunny and almost 50 degrees, and there were lots of people out on the trails (which always motivates me, because, you know, who wants to be the slow chick on the trail?).  I could have definitely ran longer, but it was time to get dinner started and I was starving.  I do this dumb thing where I bring tiny lunches composed of fruit, vegetables, and maybe cheese and crackers.  And I work all day and don’t think feel hungry at all, but when I walk in the door I am suddenly ravenous.  Moral three of this story – I should pack bigger lunches.  Or just make dinner right when I get home.

Grocery shopping and running aside, Charlottesville is being particularly kind to us right now.  Joe is transitioning into his new job, I am getting into the swing of classes, and we’re kind of at a balance.  That is, until I graduate and am jobless.  In the meantime, I am applying for all sorts of jobs and wishing that I could make the apartment beautiful and homey.  But I tell myself that I don’t need the overstuffed chair from Ikea that would be my perfect reading nook, because who wants to move extra furniture?  But I desperately needed the ginormous mirror that found its way home with us on Saturday.  It’s huge.  And awesome.  And I will personally (watch Joe) carry it from our current apartment to our next residence.

The fourth and final moral of this story is that you should absolutely make Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Toast.  It’s a thing of beauty, and not at all what I would consider a wholesome breakfast.  But maybe if you eat some cantaloupe from The Fresh Market, that would help?


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