The One with A Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear ones!

This is the fifth Valentine’s Day that Joe and I are sharing, and I’m so thankful for that!  Our very first V-day, I surprised him with a day hike and picnic, and he picked out our dinner place.  It’s been our Valentine’s tradition for me to plan an activity for the day time, and he plans our dinner.  Only this year, we are only in the same city for an evening meal, as Joe has to return to Richmond for his final day of training for Wells Fargo.  Because of this, our day date is moved to Saturday, and since it’s still mighty cold here, we are doing less hiking and more Ikea shopping.  And by less hiking, I mean no hiking.  Because it’s cold and there are bears … and Ikea is significantly more inviting with this full-length mirror that I’ve been lusting over for months.  Dinner tonight, Ikea the day after tomorrow, what more could a girl want? (Besides a puppy – MOM, I STILL WANT A PUPPY FOR MY BIRTHDAY)

Let me also just throw this idea out there – you absolutely don’t need a date for Valentine’s Day.  Sure, it’s cool and everything, but I really think that kindergarteners have the best way of celebrating V-day.  Everyone gives everyone else a valentine.  It’s a little way of acknowledging each other, showing appreciation or affection for the people they are surrounded by.  So today, I am also thinking about my friends, family, and coworkers.  Those people help me make it through the day, Joe couldn’t do it all by himself, and I wouldn’t want him to.  It takes a village of love and kindness to keep this girl happy, and I am thankful to have found that in such marvelous people.

So happy Valentine’s Day, my friends!  I am thankful for you, and I like you more than Kanye likes Kanye (this is my new favorite Valentine wish).


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