The One with Goals Updates (Part 1)

So, it’s February already, and 2013 is more than 1/12 over! It seems that this is a common time of year to start on the downward spiral towards forgetting our goals or resolutions, so to counteract that, let’s celebrate the accomplishments we’ve made thus far, both big and small! I feel pretty good about most of my goals, and I have the ten of them broken down here (not sure that I spelled out each one in my original post).

1. The first is to wear my retainer, which I do multiple nights a week. Not going to lie, I thought this would be the hardest on account of my hatred for retainers, but it actually helps me sleep. Even though my teeth ache in the morning, I find that I sleep in a ton of different positions, so having the retainer means that I’m not putting a weird amount of pressure on my already sensitive teeth.

2. Goal two is to run a race this year! Since I don’t have access to a gym at my preferred time of day, I am left to running outside. January in Virginia is cold, people. Nonetheless, I have dragged my lazy butt out of bed at least twice a week to hit the pavement, which feels really great. If you want to learn how to breathe properly, try running outside in the winter, because if you’re not breathing properly, you can’t actually breathe. Because it’s colder than a witch’s certain naughty part, and if you breathe like a fool, you will suffer.

3. Goal three is to write weekly letters, which I have done with so much joy! What’s really great about this one is learning how to be encouraging/engaged with someone without expecting any response on their part. Hearing from them is always great, I love it, but I’m learning the pleasure in giving without receiving, and that’s a beautiful thing right there.

4. Goal four is the trickster, the minimalist wardrobe. Shortly after my original post, I went through my closet and pulled out anything I hadn’t worn since college or that I didn’t Love with a capital “L”. I put the rejects in a bag in our guest room, and haven’t looked at them since. If I can make it another two months without rummaging through the outcasts, I will go ahead and donate them. I’ve also acquired a grown up lady trench, which is my favorite thing in the whole world, and a great pair of classic leather boots.

5. Goal five is growing out my hair for locks of love. So far, so good. No split ends in sight.

6. Blogging and journaling once a week is a go, I am really enjoying my Q & A a Day journal. So fun.

7. One day a week without TV hasn’t been terribly successful, mostly due to my incredibly high tolerance for crappy reality television. But watching TV hasn’t interfered with my work habits or productivity, so I still feel okay on this one.

8. Yoga twice a month was short-lived, as I only did yoga once last month. I think that the more consistently I am running, the more I will need yoga to stretch and cross-train. Not giving up yet.

9. Goal nine is to find a job, and while I haven’t found one yet, I met with UVa’s graduate career services, and am giving my résumé a facelift. I am also hunting for jobs to apply for.

10. Goal ten is to read 12 books this year, or one per month. I am kind of loving this one. I devoured a whole book in a single day (this is typical Kaitlin reading style). This coming month I am taking it slow by reading a monster of a Russian classic, which is much easier to read slowly in bits and pieces versus the face-paced modern novel. It was also free on iBooks.

I feel good about where I am in my goals, and I am happy with how they have enhanced my daily habits and routines. Stay encouraged in your goals, and stay tuned!


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