The One with Celebration

This weekend, Joe and I attended our first wedding as Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bailey.

How cute, right?  We drove down to the Carolina’s to celebrate the wedding of one of Joe’s high school friends.  The wedding was lovely, the bride was beautiful, and there was a great time to be had by all.  I think that by planning a wedding myself, I have a much greater appreciation for weddings in general.  As a non-wedded wedding guest, I usually just paid attention to the dress and the cake (food and fashion, my obvious priorities).  But since planning a wedding of my own, I noticed every little detail, and was really able to appreciate the event that much more.

Alongside celebrating a marriage, we were able to celebrate a new life this weekend!  I was able to go to my cousin Erin’s 3-D ultrasound, where we saw the precious face of her baby girl!  Rayna Leigh Moseley is around 3 lbs, has chubby thighs, a sweet little smile, and will arrive early April!  We are all so excited to meet her, and are anxiously anticipating her arrival.  My mom and I are throwing a baby shower this coming weekend, and it’s really been a blast to plan everything.  Because I’m thinking about the shower so often, I’m thinking of the sweet baby girl and just how loved she is already.  I think that God’s love for us can be closely summed up to our love for infants.  Sweet little babies, who have done nothing in their own right and have given us nothing, but yet we love them so fiercely, and want only the absolute best for them in life.  It’s that reckless, unconditional, extravagant kind of love.  The best kind.


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