The One With Dinner

I am anxiously awaiting a home cooked meal from Joe.

That’s right friends, no hotdogs and macaroni to be had tonight. Homemade mini cheeseburger pies. I found the recipe on Pinterest, made them one football afternoon, and Joe loved them. Now we have finally recovered from holiday weirdness, and are getting back to our schedule, so Sundays are once again Joe’s night to cook. Though if I were a smart lady, I would change that to Wednesdays so I don’t have to worry about cooking after lab. But that’s alright, because it means that I have perfectly lazy Sundays. I’ve watched two Hallmark movies already today (no judging).

We visited First Baptist today, and the people were really nice, but a lady gave a “testimony” that turned into a 45 minute advertisement about the crisis pregnancy center. Which is fine, I guess, but it’s not a testimony. And then the pastor proceeded to quote some crazy inaccurate statistics about abortion and threw in some bible verses here and there and it was the hardest I’ve ever tried not to roll my eyes ever. We will probably end up back at the Presbyterian church with the stuffy music but sermons based on truth. So there’s that.

Things are going well for us, I think. We are in the midst of transition and learning, but not freaking out (yet). Joe is now speaking to the ground beef as it cooks, so I should probably go check on that. He tries, and that’s what counts!


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