The One That’s Mostly About DC and Partly About Shopping

So I had a little tangent there on the last post.

DC was so great.  Very cold, but great.  The weather was actually pretty nice, we got lucky and had sunshine all day on Friday and Saturday, and it warmed up a little on Sunday.  DC is only 2.5 hours from Cville, so mom and I drove up early on Friday, dropped our stuff at the hotel (if you ever are in DC and want to be near Dupont Circle, try Carlyle Suites, the staff was awesome) and walked to Georgetown.  We enjoyed a nice lunch at Serendipity 3, complete with frozen hot chocolate, of course.  We then shopped the afternoon away, and walked to dinner at Hank’s Oyster Bar, the home of maybe the best crabcakes ever?  To be determined, since I haven’t had crab cakes in New England yet.  A two hour conversation about life, family, and love followed our lovely meal, and then we turned in early.  Because shopping all day and walking 7 miles will wear a sister out. Side note- mom and I got matching pedometers for Christmas that wirelessly sync to your smart device, so we kept track of our steps.  Incredible, I tell you.  Also, her pedometer was faulty and had to be replaced, so I am winning our steps competition by A LOT.

Saturday we grabbed a pastry on the way to the Newseum, one of DC’s newer museums about, you guessed it, the news.  My mom is a news hound, so she insisted, and I like museums, so I obliged.  It’s a really large space, but we were a little disappointed by how empty it seemed?  I guess we expected more, since a museum about the history and influence of the news implies a lot of content.  The layout of exhibits wasn’t cohesive, in my opinion, and they should have taken more advantage of their fabulous view of the capitol.  After inspecting the Newseum, we headed over to Old Town Alexandria for lunch and yes, more shopping.  It’s really a darling city, and has a much slower pace than DC.

Prompted by a pushy salesperson at Talbots, we decided to descend into the pits of hell, I mean, Tyson’s Corner.  Gulp.  We were on the hunt for boots, okay?  The drive to and from was horrific, but we somehow managed to stumble our way into the sixth largest mall in the US.  And after much searching I found The Boots.  (I’d post a link, but I’m a little afraid you’d judge the price tag – let it be known that we did not pay full price, thanks to a sale and a student discount – thank you old Wofford ID).  I’m pretty sure that sunbeams shone down from heaven when I pulled them on.  Finding the right boots might be harder than finding the right jeans, and that’s really saying something.

On my to-do list for the rest of the week?  Clean out that closet!  For some reason, I am in the midst of a style transition right now.  I’ve really made the effort to dress in a more mature way, both to separate myself from the undergrads and to not appear as a child bride.   Along with wanted to look like a young, married lady, I also want to have less.  When I studied abroad, I only had one suitcase full of clothes to choose from, and it was so darn easy to choose what I wore when I had less choices.  From my experience in Botswana, I also became more acutely aware of how much excess my life contains.  So there’s basically been a snowball of changes and insights in my life that has led to me wanting a minimalist wardrobe.  I am starting with the basics, making sure my closet has good bones, but also making sure that I love every single thing that I have, because if I don’t love it and it doesn’t reflect my personal style, why the heck do I own it?  This January begins my quest for my minimalist wardrobe, and also a Parisian one, because that’s important too.  To me that means quality over quantity.  I’m starting with the world’s greatest boots and working my way up from there.

…. It should also be noted that we walked almost 9 miles on Saturday.  And at least six of those miles were walked in 3 inch wedge heels.  That was really dumb, Kaitlin.


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