The One In DC

Since I started college (also known as the-time-I-moved-away-from-home-and-started-getting-along-with-my-parents), my mom and I have had a mother-daughter weekend at least once a year. The only rules are that it’s just the two of us and that there are as few plans as possible. We usually went to Charleston for a long weekend, but we threw Tybee in the mix too. Since I’m not in South Carolina anymore, we chose DC this time around. We have both been within the past two years, so we didn’t feel obligated to do any touristy things, and it really allowed us to enjoy the city and each other’s company. It really was such a lovely weekend.

I don’t believe in parents being best friends with their kids, and my parents don’t either. Growing up, my parents were to be respected, and while I was always open and honest with them, they were by no means my “friends”. Mostly because friends don’t ground friends when they miss curfew. I’m very thankful for my parents not trying to be my friend because I had plenty of friends and I needed them to be my parents. Something about this shifted when I went to college, and gradually over the past five years, my relationship with my parents has changed. It took some transition time, but my parents recognized that the time for teaching me lessons was over. They prepared me to the very best of their ability for the real world. They have transitioned from a teaching mode into support mode, and while it hasn’t always been smooth, I so much appreciate how hard they try to bite their tongues and let me/Joe and I make our own decisions. When I decided to complete the chemistry master’s program instead of continuing with the PhD program, they voiced one round (or two) of concerns, but from there on out have been in full support mode. This transition from teaching to support has allowed me to learn more about my parents, who they were before they were parents, their hopes and dreams and quirks. Seeing how much they support me only makes me love them more, and I think that I have the three best parents ever. And I’ll fight you on that.

I took Nihon Goshin Aikido for a January term in college, so you should be a little intimidated. But not too much because I’m still only 5’4″.


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