The One with Resolutions

Or at least, The One with New Years Goals.

I was oh-so fortunate to have two of my favorite ladies ever to spend the first hours of 2013 with. We discussed life, goals, and happiness, and watched too much Modern Family (if there’s such a thing as too much Phil Dunphy?). While they were here, I decided to write out my official goals for 2013. Some will be a challenge, because they aren’t based on habit, and I know those will be the toughest to keep, but I’m fairly certain my life will be improved if I follow through. These include wearing a retainer once a week (don’t judge, my teeth have shifted). That one will probably be the hardest to keep. I hate retainers. For the most part, my goals are based on habits of mine that already exist, or things that I really enjoy and want to make more of a presence in my life. These are the best because I already have tendencies to want or do these things, but when I commit myself to them on a regular basis, they turn into routines. I chose things that make me happy, because I want to intentionally choose happiness over worry this year. These things include completing a race (I’ve just started to not hate running, and I think if I keep going I will start to like it), writing a letter a week (I love sending and receiving mail), blog and journal once a week (because writing makes the heart grow stronger), one day a week without TV (I did this often last semester and it really helped my productivity, so I want to make a rule out of it), do yoga twice a month (because it’s awesome), and read 12 books for pleasure (because reading makes the mind grow stronger). An easy goal that I don’t have to work for: growing out my hair for Locks of Love. And a goal to give my shopping tendencies some direction is to have a Parisian/Minimalist wardrobe. Because after Christmas my life is full of excess, and it drives me more than a little crazy. So I’ve made myself a list of wardrobe essentials that I’m lacking, and that is my 2013 shopping list. And maybe my 2014 shopping list too, because I have my mother’s taste but her daughter’s budget. This one will be hard to stick to, but once I get the hang of saying no to the small, cute, distracting things, I can start saying yes to some new leather boots.

Goals are good because they help us shape our habits. But they’re nothing to get too hung up on. The reason I have made these goals is because I think they will enhance some aspect of my life, be it physical, relational, or spiritual. If I don’t complete any of these goals but still fill my life with happiness, 2013 will be a good year. I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection, and I hope that you will do the same!


2 thoughts on “The One with Resolutions

    • Gosh, I really could win an award for worst blog-comment-responder. I’ve been so awful at the TV rule, it’s embarrassing how high my threshold for crappy television is. The minimalist wardrobe is kind of bare bones (and hopefully more grown up) – my current “look for list” is a black blazer, black pencil skirt (maybe this should be a suit combo?), white oxford, white ankle jeans, denim jacket (not grown up, just lusting over one), and a rose gold watch (again, not even needed, except that I really love watches). This year so far, I’ve been able to snag a neutral trench, nude pumps, classic leather boots, and a versatile day-to-night dress. I haven’t been super strict with my shopping, but if it’s not on the list, I have to love it with a capital “L”.

      Pinterest is a huge inspiration for these items 🙂 And, I love you blog – you haven’t posted in a while, but you really should pick it up again (me being bossy, but really, you’re a great writer and I like your point-of-view).

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