The One After Christmas

I miss my family some kind of bad. I love them in the fierce, makes-your-heart-ache-when-you-think-about-it kind of way. My very first Christmas without them was tough.

And now Christmas is over, and so is Boxing Day, even though we didn’t box up a single darn thing. The new year is upon us and I’m not ready for 2013 yet. This time two years ago, I was so excited for 2011 because that was going to be my year. I was going to Africa to play with orphans for a month, and then I was going to the motherland: Denmark. (Not technically Danish at all, but my heart feels Danish, so that counts for something). 2011 was so incredible, and I had planned it that way. 2012 was pretty great too, I mean I married the love of my life and graduated from college, but I feel like I’m ending 2012 with more uncertainty than 2011, and that always makes me a little anxious. When 2012 started I had some direction, I kind of knew what was going to happen, I had a nice little plan and everything was going to work out perfectly. Except towards the end of 2012 that plan sort of dovetailed and now I’m lacking in direction. So how do I begin to approach planning for 2013? Well, I don’t. Instead of making plans, I’m going to make goals. The difference between the two is simple: I can measure and achieve goals, but I cannot ensure or guarantee any plans. There are too many variables in life that I can’t foresee or plan around, but when I make goals, I can search my heart and know my strengths and weaknesses, and choose goals that will set me up for success.

Over the next couple of days I will be working on these goals so I can share them with you, because accountability is only everything. And maybe think about some goals that you would like to set for 2013, and feel free to share them with me if you need some accountability.

2013 has a purpose, and could be really amazing if we’re open-minded and we don’t make any plans.


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