The One with All the Excitement

People!  Such a big day for the Bailey’s!

The biggest and bestest news:  Joe got a job!  As a personal banker!  Full time!  With a pay raise!  In a bigger bank!  (If you didn’t know already, he has been working as a teller part time for Wells Fargo for the past few months, and they love him so much they decided to promote him)  Joe says he found out today because he remembered to wear his class ring to work.  Old Main magic, I guess.

Isn’t my husband so awesome?  I’m so darn proud of him!

My news is less exciting, but still cool.  I won a jewelry giveaway from La Vie Petite Blog (one that I follow regularly and totally adore –  And I get two necklaces and a pair of earrings, fo free.

We’re pretty giddy, to be honest.  And we are celebrating by eating lots of puppy chow and having some grilled gouda and turkey sandwiches.  Because gouda is Joe’s favorite.  And my personal banker always gets his favorite cheese.

P.S. some exciting news from earlier this week – Jessica graduated from college!  Woohoo!  We’re a family of achievers!  Some photos below!

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