The One After All the Finals

Done! Can you hear them? The hallelujah chorus that just began?

First semester of grad school is over, and I could not be happier about that. I have a whole month until classes start for the spring, which is so wonderful. I will be filling my days with lots of crafts and with family and friends. I just finished proctoring a final for the undergrads I teach, and the I spent the entire time making a list of crafts I want to complete over the next month. I also doodled and made the list pretty, because no Bailey shopping list is complete without a little embellishment. On my to-craft list: marshmallow garland for Percy, paint some stripes on the bedroom curtains, throw pillows for our bedroom, a makeup pouch for yours truly, print wedding photos, calligraphy (is that a verb?) our wedding vows onto canvases, start on a “B” monogram wall, and make a wedding photo album. All of these are pretty simple, and I have some second string projects that I can add just in case I do this all in two days. I will probably spend a fair amount of time playing with my Christmas presents, because there’s an iPad with my name on it under Percy’s branches (literally, it’s engraved). Any app recommendations? I have an iPhone, but I keep the apps to a bare minimum. Like Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram, and that’s pretty much it.

We are hitting the road bright and early tomorrow to head to South Carolina to watch Jess graduate from college! So proud of her, and thankful to be a part of a great family.


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