The One with All the Finals

One take home exam stands between Christmas break and I.  Hallelujah (although I’ve heard it’s kind of a snitch).

After a brutal day that started by waking up at 6 AM to study capillary gel electrophoresis, I am so glad that I get to sit at home in my favorite pair of leggings and fuzzy socks while my awesome husband makes pizza.  That’s right, Joe Bob knows how to make more than just mac n hot dogs.  He is currently letting the dough rise, because he’s got some serious chef skills.  And when pizza du Joe is ready to be served, we will kick back and watch some Merlin.  Because we consume sci-fi series on Netflix like it’s going out of style.  I find that since we spend most of our days apart, it’s really nice to have stuff that we do together, like couple bonding time.  Not just watching Netflix, but going on a morning run together, doing all of the grocery shopping together, running errands together, that sort of thing.  We (as society) spend so much time on self-isolating devices (computers, phones, etc), and we have to make a really conscious effort to spend quality time together.  Not that watching Merlin is exactly quality time, but hey, it’s better than nothing?

I am so glad to be done with the final I took today, I could almost jump up and down.  But I ate a lot of crab dip at the Chemistry Christmas party, so that’s probably not a good idea.




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