The One with All of the Busyness

Busyness.  Not to be confused with business.

Hubs and I have a crazy busy holiday schedule, starting the minute I am done grading all of those final exams for the children.  By children I mean my students for biochemistry.  And even though they are fourth years (not seniors.  that’s a pretentious UVA thing) they are still children to me.  Mostly because of the whining, but also because they’re still really uptight about school.  And being able to let go of obsessing over grades means you’ve reached adulthood.  Knowledge not grades, education not degrees.

This time next week I will be down my last two midterms, ready to proctor exams for the children just to turn around and grade them that same day.  Then Joe and I will hop on down to Columbia to support my very favorite brunette sister-in-law (see what I did there? the other one is a ginger) as she graduates from college!  What a happy occasion!  Graduating from college is pretty darn awesome.  I wish I had made a bigger deal of it, but it sort of got swept under the rug since I was getting married only two months later.  And postage is expensive.  After two days in SC, we will be back in Charlottesville for Joe to finish the work week, then back down to Fort Mill to spend pre-Christmas with my fam, and they back to Charlottesville along with the rest of the Bailey’s for real Christmas.

And I know I’m getting ahead of myself since there’s a lot that I need to do between now and then, but I am just so darn excited for Christmas!  I am excited to be joining traditions with my new family, and I am excited to spend time with my parents and my dog and my brother.  Oh, my brother.  He’s seriously one of my favorites, and might be one of the coolest people I know.  He’s too cool for facebook, which is how I know he probably won’t read this.  He’s cute and goofy and funny and sarcastic and smart.  And he’s my brother, my playmate, and my partner-in-crime for our whole childhood.  I miss this kid a lot.

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