The One with Giving Thanks

It wasn’t until I didn’t have an American Thanksgiving that I realized how much I love the holiday.

Food, friends, and family are where it’s at.  I think that (aside from all of the shopping associated with Thanksgiving time) it’s one of the more pure holidays left.  Not a whole lot of gimmicks, just a lot of great food to be shared with the people you’re thankful for.  Joe and I were able to make it to both hometowns for Thanksgiving, and it was quite a whirlwind.  I was able to come home a few days early to spend time with my mom, because we’re just too darn alike to be apart from each other for very long (the same reason why we also can’t be together for very long, a catch-22).

That’s sort of it.  Food.  Family.  Friends.  Freddy.  The people I am most thankful for, crammed into two silly days, partnered with 15 hours in the car.  Sounds like a party to me!

Some photos from the eating marathon (with added blurriness because apparently taking photos on my iphone all of the time means I forgot how to use a real camera)

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