The One with Our New Family Addition

I’ve been waiting to share this post for a while, mainly because I was stuck in the 31 Days of Thankfulness and I wanted to give this little one a full post of his own.

So here he is, the newest member of our family!

His name is Rungrod Mora, and he lives in Central Prachin Buri, Thailand.  He goes to school and lives with his mother, who works as a laborer.  The average family in this area of Thailand lives off of less than $170 a month.  Rungrod (we call him Run) is ten years old, and he likes reading, running, and hide and seek.  He’s also about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.  We started sponsoring him through Compassion International in October, and we just receive our first letter from him a couple of weeks ago.  The cost of sponsorship is $38 per month, which provides Run with access to a local child development center, where he receives health check-ups, learns typing and vocational skills, receives food, and where his mother can receive child development training and vocational training.

As a pair of money-conscious college grads, we count this sponsorship as part of our tithe.  While we have found a church we like in Charlottesville, I believe in feeding hungry children more than I believe in most churches.  That might be a story for another time, but even still, I can’t think of anything that Trinity Pres would do better with our few extra dollars.

Our sponsorship package came with a book about Run’s community, history about that area of Thailand, and some darn cute pictures of him.  It also came with a list of ways that we can pray for him each day of the month, and we have incorporated him into our prayers every night.  Because we are actively praying for him and thinking about him, we love this little guy already!  We hope to meet him someday, as Compassion arranges trips to their sponsor locations.

On this holiday season that is full of consumerism, I am thankful for Run for reminding us that love and support are things you need, iPads are not.

If you’re interested in Compassion or sponsoring a child, here’s a link:  (I’ve sorted by longest waiting, because those little faces who have been waiting over half a year, well it’s almost too much.  Sponsor those little faces.)


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