The One with Warby Parker

I just arrived in Fort Mill to spend some extra time with my momma bear before the holidays, and there was a package waiting for me on the doorstep, from the one and only Warby Parker! What a happy package!

If you aren’t familiar with Warby Parker, they are a company that produces eyewear. Sounds boring? Oh, but it’s not. All of they frames are really stinkin cute (and right on trend), and your whole order, frames plus lenses is only ninety-eight bucks. The best part? They have a one-for-one business model, meaning for every pair purchased, that’s a pair donated to a kid with terrible eyesight. Pretty sweet deal all around. Oh, and because they only have stores in major (a.k.a. cool) cities, they will send you five different frames to try on at home for five days. For free. No commitment. Just request your frames (if you can’t find five, they will pick out some extras that they think you might like) and after two days of air-mail, they’re at your doorstep, ready to play for five whole days.

I did the at-home try on this past spring, and found a great pair of frames that I love, but they’re neutral and basic, and since I wear them so often, I am looking for another pair to throw in there an mix it up a little bit. This time I went a little trendier, and I am dying for some feedback here! So please vote for your favorite pair and help me decide! I kind of love all of them, and I’m pretty indecisive when it comes to how my face looks. Also because I can only see a mirror reflection of it. So all feedback is helpful! And defintiely check out Warby Parker’s website and pick up a cute pair of frames for yourself! (

*I should note that these pictures were taken 1) after a very long day and 2) with my computer. Sorry for the terrible glare. Head tilting was necessary to avoid massive reflections.


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