The One with Secession

Does the secession thing seem silly to anyone else?

There seriously has to be better ideas than this.  That’s kind of all I have to say.  I really don’t know much about politics or economics or money, except that I manage to balance our household budget every month (it’s called a zero-based budget – all of my pennies go somewhere so they’re not lost in translation).  But I’ve gotta say, playing the blame game helps absolutely no one.  Debt remains regardless of disgruntled citizens.

On a much lighter note – Joe and I were completely and totally lazy this weekend.  It was marvelous.  I made so many crafts it’s not even funny.  My new favorite craft tool is a corner rounder – it seriously makes everything look so great.  Being crafty always makes me think of the holidays, and I am so excited to see my friends and family over Thanksgiving break.  Last Thanksgiving, Joe came to visit me in Denmark, where we explored the city, took engagement photos, and made Thanksgiving dinner for my extended host family.  It was a huge celebration, and so much fun to share culture and tradition with my Danish family.  While I miss Copenhagen and Caroline dearly, I am beyond excited to spend this Thanksgiving in South Carolina.  Because Thanksgiving in South Carolina means Aunt Linda is making macaroni and cheese.  And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.


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