The One with Wedding Photos

I cannot believe it has been almost four months since the wedding.

Time flies when you move to a new city.  I have been a complete slacker and haven’t printed a single wedding photo.  Our beautiful wedding frame has our invitation on one side and a lovely looking couple on the other side.  While we are settled and unpacked in our current apartment, it doesn’t quite feel like home, and maybe that’s because I don’t want it to be.  Apartments are nice and everything, but houses are about a thousand times better.  I have a theory that I can only make a home in an actual home – a freestanding house.  At least, I will make an effort to nest once we are in a rental house over an apartment.  So no wedding photos yet, and a limited amount of decor.  This is also caused by a very limited decorating budget (a.k.a. spare change we find in the couch).  At any rate, I’m a lazy apartment decorator and wedding photo printer.  I’m not too upset or surprised by either of these things.

I do look at our wedding photos on a regular basis, and oh boy, I think they’re pretty awesome.  While I wish there were more food shots (because hot dang, that was some good food) and I wish there were more photos of my mom and I, I love our first look photos and the pre-ceremony photos with all of my heart.  So today I did some playing with Picasa – thank you, sweet Google, for this awesomely free software – and made me a collage (hot dang always puts me in a country mood and reminds of Keely Blake).


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