Day 29 Thankfulness

As I watch the trees outside our apartment shake in the wind, I am thankful for shelter.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy, shelter is one of the basic safety needs, just above the need for water, food, and sleep.  While the need for shelter is so basic on the scale of the hierarchy, so many are without it.  And for those who have it, it’s often taken advantage of.

With hurricane Sandy breathing down Charlottesville’s neck, all I can think about is shelter, and how grateful I am that I don’t even have to consider being outside in the wind, rain, cold, and (maybe) blizzard conditions.

I should also note that I am thankful for electricity, because grading lab reports by candlelight would really suck.  And Joe hates reading, so I think he’s glad for internet access and the ability to play wii through the storm.


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