Day 21 Thankfulness

Today in church we learned about dignity, and what it means about ourselves and the way we view and treat other people. Joe and I went to a small group in the north parish (the area of town we live in) and it was really great. We talked about the sermon and we talked about dignity. God made us in his image, so we have an inherent dignity – we belong to him and can approach his throne with confidence. And this dignity belongs to everyone. There’s an equal playing field that means I am no better than anyone else. It’s a challenge to think that way, since society has ingrained us to worship other humans or to “better ourselves”. I think that with this dignity comes humility, that because we are no better than anyone else, we take a step back from passing judgment on others and check out the plank we have in our own eyes. For me to encourage dignity in others and humility in myself requires me to judge less and love more.

I am extremely thankful for these words today, and for my friends and family who continually acknowledge the dignity in me. I hope that I can do the same for you, that my words can be a source of encouragement and that you in turn will encourage others. Like pay it forward, but the sky is the limit, don’t stop at three people.


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