Day 20 Thankfulness

I am thankful for the great friendships that were formed while at Wofford.

I came to Wofford not knowing anyone, and the thought of forming all new relationships terrified me.  Little did I know that in a few short weeks,  I would meet the people who would shape the rest of my life.  That sounds like a really big statement, and it is.  I met my husband, a self-explanatory impact on my life.  I also met my two best friends, although when I met them I didn’t know we would become so close.  It took Megan and I a few months to really click, but when we did we were inseparable.  Megan and I are very different in a lot of ways, but we just understand each other on a fundamental level.  My relationship with Amanda was full of plot twists, and it took us a while to finally get on the same page.  But through the years she became on of the biggest sources of encouragement for me and my work with Young Life, and we developed a deep respect for each other through that.  These two ladies were my roommates my last semester of Wofford, and oh boy, how I miss them!  I am thankful for the beautiful reflection of Christ’s love that I have seen through them, and for their endless encouragement and support.


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