Day 17 Thankfulness

I am (reluctantly) thankful for the opportunity to go to graduate school here at UVA (for free for profit).

I say reluctantly thankful because I have a love-hate relationship with graduate school.  That being said, it’s an opportunity that was so good I couldn’t turn it down.  While my classes are tough and don’t cater to my learning style, I have found that I really enjoy teaching.  While I still don’t know if chemistry is where I want to be the rest of my life, I know that any decision I make regarding my career will be the right one, since I am giving grad school my best shot.  Some words of wisdom from Keely Blake’s mom:  whatever decision you make is the right one.  I’m twenty-two years old.  I can make just about any dang decision regarding my future, and it will work out.  I was talking to a dear friend last night, and she’s a little more than stressed about the upcoming year, with finding a job and graduating from college, and while I felt the same way, I also felt very free.  I had have the potential to go anywhere, do anything.  I have it within myself to make my own dreams come true, no fairy godmother, no knight in shining armor.

So I am thankful for this opportunity to more about chemistry for free, and I know that furthering my education is always a positive thing, regardless of how I utilize this degree in the future.  Thanks UVA for your beautiful neoclassical architecture and the free degree.


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