Day 15 Thankfulness

Today I am thankful for Wofford.

Boy am I thankful for Wofford. To back up a little, we have weekly TA meetings to prepare for lab each week. A couple weeks ago we were talking about study habits and the library, and I made a comment on how I rarely went to the library to study. My fellow TAs were shocked, I guess? It was a little strange, but apparently they all were constantly studying in the library throughout their four years in undergrad. A similar thing happened again today, when I mentioned that some of my students submitted their work around 2 am on Saturday night. I said “who the heck studies on a Saturday night?” Again, wrong, because my fellow TAs also studied for hours and hours every night and day. I shut up after that, but I seriously couldn’t believe it. Don’t college students have less important (more fun) things to do on Saturday night? Come on, people! It makes me a little sad to think that there are students who only go to college to make the grades. I went to Wofford to learn. Learn about science, yes, but also about art and history and people and other cultures. College is an experience that can’t be contained on a transcript. I am proud to say that I took full advantage of the opportunities that Wofford provided me. Thank you Wofford for giving me an education on life, and thank you family for supporting me through it all!


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