Day 14 Thankfulness

Guys, I could seriously do a new post every day on how thankful I am for my husband.

This guy never ceases to surprise me and make me laugh. And he’s my best friend. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to watch him grow in his faith over the past four years, and I can’t wait to see where he will be four years from now. I know that God has shaped us both into the people we are now, and will continue to do so throughout our marriage. I thought that since we dated so long before we got married that it would be natural and easy for us to be married. Which is false. Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful and awesome and so many more things, but it’s not easy. A lot of that comes with being young, but even more of it comes with being selfish. Humans are selfish by nature, and when faced with trials, we think of ourselves first. Husbands and wives can’t do that (or at least, they shouldn’t). It’s taken some time for us to learn how to fight fairly and consider the thoughts and feelings of the other person. It sounds weird, learning how to fight, but it’s totally necessary. Rule number one is to remain calm, no raised voices, no out of control emotions. Rule two is to always put yourself in the other position, to not only think through your own feelings but theirs as well. Rule three is don’t interrupt (this is the hardest one for me). And rule four is to hold hands and look at each other. So there’s that, rules for fighting. All thanks to a great husband who I am so excited to continue learning and growing with.



2 thoughts on “Day 14 Thankfulness

  1. Great liat of rules for fair fighting. Just a couple more thoughts to consider when it comes to those moments that are tough. Jack and I don’t call it fighting.. Instead we call it “intense fellowship”. Lol. And there are moments when you / we need to calm down, relax, and ponder all that’s been said. Sometimes it means walking away. We established a rule that you can’t walk away further than (pick a place nearby). For us it was the kids swing set. While it was intended as recreation for the kids, its a place of respect for our marriage, should we see one of us sitting on a swing. And that’s still how it’s done 24 years later in our home. โค

    • Thanks for the words of wisdom, Holly! That’s definitely something we will include for when we have space to walk away (it’s a little hard to be stuck in a tiny apartment). We don’t usually call them fights, it’s normally a “discussion”.

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