Day 13 Thankfulness

Today I am so thankful for family!

Two of my favorite women ever, my aunt Linda and my cousin Erin, we acquired through Johnny.  And what a blessing they have been!  I can’t think of a big life event where they weren’t there by my side to support me, and we have so much fun together.  Today we found out that Erin is expecting a baby girl in April and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED!  Our family has never had a lot of babies around, so this is a big stinkin deal!  And this baby girl is already loved by so many people, gosh, so many tears of joy!  So in honor of Princess Moseley, I have been scouring pinterest for the very best baby girl things.  Indulge me here, people, I’m excited!  And side note:  Jcrew baby makes cashmere baby wear.  Is this real life?

Enjoy the cuteness!  This will be the most well-dressed baby on the planet.

Every little girl has gotta have a tutu

Cute patterns, cute colors, cute cute cute!

Girl, polka dots are so in right now!

‘Nuff said.

Baby girl TOMS? Yes please!

Love love love this. Thanks Napoleon for the wise words.








One thought on “Day 13 Thankfulness

  1. Thank you soooooo much!!!! We love you to pieces and this little girl has no idea how fortunate she is to have a cousin like you in her life! Love you, MUAH!!!!!!

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