Day 10 Thankfulness

So if you’ve ever blogged every day about thankfulness, you know that it’s kind of hard.

It’s not hard to physically blog, I was in computer tots when I was a kid, so I’m a typing pro (at least compared to my dad, who types painfully slow).  What I mean is that it’s hard to be aware of my endless blessings in a world that’s programmed to only ever want more.  Part of being thankful is not only realizing that you have enough, but that you have more than enough.  Thankfulness comes from that overflow – the space between just getting by and overwhelmingly more than you could ever ask for.

And gosh, am I overwhelmed.  The thing that I’m most thankful for is my loving community of family and friends.   When I think about our wedding and how many people showed up and supported us, it makes my heart hurt.  Presents are great, but people are so much better.  We have a lot of friends in Spartanburg, which was about 2 hours from where we got married.  At least a dozen or two people drove from Spartanburg the morning of the wedding, in order to support us and be there for us as we said our vows at 10 AM.  That’s so much love right there!  And that’s just one aspect of the blessings that my life is filled with.

By constantly thinking about thankfulness, I have to reprogram my brain to not think: “man, today would be better if I had an iPad” or “why do we have upstairs neighbors that are so loud?  I want to live somewhere nicer”.  Instead, I should think “Thanks be to God for ____”  and I can literally fill in that blank with anything because I can’t think of a single thing in my life that I deserve on my own.

So today it’s “Thanks be to God for everything”.  Lame generalization, but completely and utterly true.


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