Day 8 Thankfulness

Today I am thankful for a certain Margaret Smith.

This lady has been investing in me since I was sixteen years old, and has always been a consistent source of love and encouragement.  Margaret was a volunteer Young Life leader in college (when I was in high school) and led at Rock Hill High.  We met during summer camp at Sharptop Cove, and have kept in touch since.  She wasn’t technically my leader in high school, I didn’t go to the school where she was a leader.  If you are familiar with Young Life, you know that it’s a little strange for a leader from one school to be really close to a kid from a different school.  Fort Mill Young Life was on the decline when I was in high school, so as a lost little lover of Young Life, I became friends with Margaret.  Throughout college, I would send her a random text when I was at home and Margaret and I would meet for coffee at Starbucks.  Today was one of those days, and let me tell you, I am so overwhelmed by the love of Jesus in Margaret.  She asks the best questions, is one of the best listeners ever, and is really fun to laugh with.  And that’s all because she loves God and lets that joyful love overflow from her heart and into the lives of those around her.  Margaret a great example of an incarnational ministry, what Young Life strives for.  When you see it, it’s the most refreshing thing ever, and it certainly makes your day.  So here’s to Margaret Smith and the awesome way love shines through her.


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