Day 6 Thankfulness

No stinkin way, another guest post?

You betcha!  This one is coming from my mom, the lovely Dana Feaster Kay.  I know a lot of people say that their mom is their hero, but I really mean it.  She’s one of the strongest women I know, and I am so proud to know her and so thankful to be her daughter.

So, I’m the mother/madre/mor/momma/mom/mommy of this amazing young woman/daughter/pusswinkie/ princess. The blessings just never stop coming. Thank you, Jesus! I know the last guest blogger made a list and Kait made one the day before that. I am definitely not a blogger but I am known for my epic list making so I will go that route as well.

10) I love that she even asked me to be a guest blogger. How cool is that? For a mom to be asked by her brilliant, beautiful daughter to write in her “journal” for all the world to see? I’m touched to tears. (Okay, I am easily moved to tears but that’s not the point)

9) I’m so happy that both my children have such wonderful friends! Megs and Kait asked me to join them yesterday afternoon for cupcakes when they could have had time to themselves. But they asked me along and involved me in the conversation and asked me questions about my life too. Megs stays with me two Fridays a month and she always comes in to chat and hug. I love it. One of John’s (Kait’s bro) friends texts us routinely and comes by when he’s in from college whether John is here or not. He goes on family vacations and one of my cousins asks for him when she comes to town. It means so much to us when we hear from one of our “other” kids whom we wouldn’t know without the originals!

8) I’m thrilled to have another real son in Joe Bailey. It has been so fun to watch their relationship develop. Many of my close friends and family thought they were too young to be married and I won’t lie, the thought crossed my mind a time or twelve. But how can you argue with the love and devotion in their eyes? Joe is perfect for Kait. I couldn’t think of a better man or mate for her. They are a perfect balance for each other. I can’t wait to see the cute little Baileys they will make either……sorry, Kait. I had too!

7) Today Kait and I had lunch with Erin and Linda. We acquired them via my husband Johnny. They are our family. We love them. And we are continually blessed by our relationship with them. We can’t wait to see the little Mosley that Erin and her husband will deliver in April. On my mom’s birthday! If I have my way…

6) This week I returned to work in a facility I had worked in for 17+ years. It’s like old home week. I see so many familiar faces and have received lots of good hugs. I’m working for the surgeons who gave me my Dad back for seven more years. I am happy to be back. Plus, NO MORE WEEKENDS on call. Woohoo.

5)  I am thankful that God sent Johnny to me and that for once in my life I listened carefully to Him. My husband makes me laugh every single day. And he loves Kait and John like they are his flesh and blood. How to explain this without weeping? I won’t try.

4) Aging has it’s positive side. I have loved every single stage of my kids lives. I didn’t think they could get any cuter, smarter, sweeter. But they did and they still do. I love having grown up conversations with them. I love when John just texts me a test score out of the blue. Or sends me a text picture of a schnauzer he saw on the golf course. I love when I read Kait’s blog and see a post about something that shows me she’s paid attention to me as a person. Or sends me a have a good first day of work text.

3) The best birthday present I ever got……Freddy Kay the schnauzer. He gives us joy every day. I do fear we are turning into that couple that dotes on the dog to distraction and talk about him to the kids until they want to barf. He’s so stinking cute!

2) I’m thankful that my mom made me go to WVU instead of ACC on a purely financial decision that would change my life forever. Amen.

1) And the number one thing I am thankful for this election year……freedom. And those who serve to protect it.


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