Day 4 Thankfulness

Sometimes making lists is just plain easier, and it doesn’t require full sentences, so here we go:

1) I am thankful for a Miss Sophie Laster-Hazzard, who was full of words of encouragement during our skype date last night

2) I am thankful for my friends in general – they’re pretty stinking great

3) I am thankful to the University of Virginia for giving me the opportunity to further my education (fo’ free)

4) I am thankful for my loving husband who drives me to work when I don’t feel like parking far away (which is almost every day)

5) I am thankful for really comfortable chairs in my office

6) I am thankful for Clinique chubby sticks that come in a billion different cute colors and satisfy my need for lip balm

7) I am thankful for the Financial Peace University class that Joe and I took before we got married.  We know how to make a budget and smart investments and don’t have to argue about money.

8) I am thankful for the cross necklace my Mom bought me for graduation that reminds me of Pappy every time I wear it

9) I am thankful for my brother and am glad that I wasn’t an only child

10) I am thankful for UVa’s fall break this weekend so that I can go home and see my family and my dog.


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