More Thankful Letters

After a great weekend with my mom and step-dad, I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for.

Mom:  I am so thankful for your unending love and support.  You are truly my hero and I am so glad to have you.  When I think about how young Nanny was when she left us, it makes me so sad that you didn’t have your mom for very long, and I hope I never have to experience that.

Husband:  I am so thankful for how patient you are when I am running late, and I am very impressed by how strong you are to not scratch your poison ivy.  Thank you for wearing long sleeves even though you don’t want to, so that I don’t get poison ivy too.

Johnny:  Thank you for always having a sense of humor, and thank you for being a great support to mom.  And thanks for not killing Freddy.

Erin:  THANK YOU FOR BEING PREGNANT.  Actually, thanks to God for that one.  I am so excited for you, and I could seriously cry just thinking about how much you deserve this baby and how loved he/she will be.

Trinity Pres:  Thanks for having a congregation full of nice people who love Jesus.

Charlottesville Young Life:  Thanks for the awesome dinner at Boar’s Head, and thanks for reminding me how much I love Young Life and what it’s doing for kids in the community.  To the 60 plus volunteer leaders in the Charlottesville area:  Thank you for being awesome and for giving your time and your hearts to God by loving on high schoolers, middle schoolers, Capernaum kids, and teen moms.


One thought on “More Thankful Letters

  1. what wonderful comments…this does not surpise me….you are so quick to speak from the heart & that is a wonderful quality….I am so proud of you & John and could not love you more nor feel closer to yall than I do …yall are family & dont you forget it!…..luv u bunches Kait Watkins-Bailey…oh luv u too Joe even if you are a “gator”….LOL….Aunt Linda

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