I don’t really like driving.

Don’t get me wrong, I drive all the time.  I just don’t like to do it if there’s someone else who is happy to drive, even though I would consider myself to be a good driver.  Also, the parking situation at UVA is a little crazy.  I have to drive 10 minutes, then walk 20 minutes to my building or take the bus from the parking lot I drive to.  This is less than ideal, so Joe usually drives me to and from work.

And it’s so much stinkin fun.  I love our carpool (cavpool… get it?  Cavaliers?) time, especially because in the mornings we are both getting ready and busy, we alternate bathroom time and eating time.  And it’s so nice to talk about how our days went while we are stuck in traffic (mostly from pedestrians on campus) on the way home.  It’s a cute, married couple thing and I love it.

Something else we love doing together:  grocery shopping.  Joe pushes the cart and gets lost a lot, but it’s fun and we laugh a lot because we can never find anything in the stores here and have to make at least two trips down every aisle.  I don’t like grocery shopping by myself because I’m strict and never get anything that’s not on the list (my dad will laugh at this because it’s totally the opposite when he is paying the grocery bill), but Joe is like a kid and begs for hot pockets because they have been showing a commercial for them on repeat for the past two weeks (what a great portrait of American consumerism & marketing).  Basically, taking Joe to the grocery store is like bringing a kid, but one that is tall enough to push the cart and reach the stuff on the top shelves.  Sounds like a fun trip to me.


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