Football and Food

I am trapped in my apartment with two men (Joe and my dad) who refuse to watch anything besides football.

I don’t understand why they want to watch games that don’t have teams they root for?  It makes very little sense to me.  But that’s alright.  I am glad to have my dad here to celebrate an early birthday weekend with me.  We went to the farmer’s market this morning and walked around downtown.  Then we got AMAZING sandwiches from Take it Away, a sandwich place at the Corner.  I think that every sandwich should be drenched in their house dressing.  Yum.  Tonight we are going to Bizou on the downtown mall for my birthday dinner, which should be very good, and was recommended by a woman from work.  I am excited to learn all of the good local places to eat around Charlottesville, it makes me feel like I know the town better and it gives me more reasons to like it here.

Classes are going well.  The membrane protein class that I’m taking at the medical school is hard.  There’s a lot of reading and at the end of the semester we have to write an NIH grant.  A whole grant.  By ourselves.  About a project that we propose.  And that’s our only grade for the course.  It’s safe to say that I am very intimidated by this.  I had my first lab that I TA’d this past week, and it went really well.  Turns out that I really  like teaching in that aspect, and I enjoy helping out the students, getting to know them, and convincing them that chemistry is awesome.  I TA on Wednesaday’s, so I will be with them on my birthday, and I think they are going to bring me cupcakes (I may or may not have mentioned that it was my birthday and that I like yellow cake with chocolate buttercream).

I am excited for my birthday and I am excited for fall.  In that order.



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